• Supports photo recovery all the versions of android operating system.
  • Recovers music, videos, images and apk files from andoid phones
  • Recovers photos from Samsung Galaxy series of mobile phones
  • Both internal and external memory supports are scanned to restore photos
  • Recovery sessions can be saved to avoid re-scanning of the drive

Lost or deleted photos from your Android? Know How to Recover...!!!

Android is an operating system that is managed by the Google. Android has become the most popular and heavily used mobile phone operating system around the world. Because of its very much user friendly interface, multitasking ability and very sensitive touch screen makes it among the top selling product. Android is used by different mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Micromax and many more to be mentioned. Since lots and lots of people are using Android nowadays, the data Android is handling has also increased.

Most of the mobile manufacturers have cameras with high resolution and high mega pixels fitted to almost all of the mobile phone models. When the mobile phones are equipped with high resolution cameras most of the people stop carrying an extra gadget like digital cameras for clicking the memorable moments that are happening around them. Since Android is new to the market people migrating from the old Nokia, Blackberry or any other mobile phones would face little hardship in operating the system, while learning  the new gadget with extremely fabulous operating system a few wrong clicks can be done which could lead to the loss of data from the mobile. The data could be some pictures, videos or any other document in that case. If you are facing this sort of problem where you have lost some of the most important and memorable pictures you have ever clicked which have no backups then you are in trouble but don’t worry you are in a place where you have solutions for all sort of problems related to data loss from Android mobile phone. Photo recovery android is the best software that is employed for recovering the deleted or lost pictures from your Android mobile phone. The software can retrieve images on Android after deletion or loss with great and utmost accuracy.

I have mentioned the software that can help you on how to recover pictures from Android phone, but before going to the features and detail working procedure of the software let me introduce some of the scenarios that lead to photo loss from your Android smart phones. Scenarios to be specific there is a huge list of them but I will discuss some of the most common and important scenarios so that it will be very much helpful for you to take some precautionary measures in future to avoid loss pictures and they are as follows:

  1. Pictures getting deleted while transfer: While transferring pictures from your android mobile or from your android camera if there are any power fluctuations or any abrupt power failure the data can get corrupted or even it can be deleted. But you no need to worry because the data can be recovered by using one of the most reliable recovery software while will be explained in this article.
  2. Memory Card format: Now a day’s memory cards have become smaller in size but increased in memory, likewise the android smart phones also support the bigger capacity cards. When this is the case the data that the android smart phones carry is also more, in some situation if you happen to press the format button by mistake it would not take more than a couple of seconds to delete all the data from your memory card leading to the huge data loss.
  3. Corrupted memory chip/card: If you want remove the memory card out of your android device then there are some procedures to be followed like un-mounting the card before removing. If this is not followed and the memory card is removed from your android mobile phone or digital camera the file system can be corrupted leading to the inaccessibility of the stored images.
  4. Accidental deletion: Since the operating system of the mobile phone is completely new with options little different compared to the others and a touch screen for interfacing, the user can accidentally delete some of the images. Sometimes after deleting an image we realize the importance of it, but it’s late and the user would have lost the data.

These are some of the main and important scenarios that make your data to get inaccessible or even delete from your memory device. If you are in any kind of the above mentioned scenario then don’t worry the solution you are looking for is get back lost photos from SD card. Apart from these there are some other cases that can be mentioned and they are FAT or BOOT area damage, corruption of Android OS etc.

The main features of this software are as follows:

  • It is the most reliable, powerful and robust tool to recover lost pictures from android. Click on to get more information on this.
  • Retrieves deleted pictures from android mobile SD card and its internal memory by making a deep scan.
  • Original files are not modified since it is read only software which will never harm files while recovering.
  • If you want to recover the data from memory in the later stages then you can create clones of the SD card as an image file.
  • After finishing the scan process you can save the session to avoid the rescanning of the SD card.

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How to Recover Pictures from Android:

1. After downloading the evaluation version of the software and installing it use the USB cable for connecting the Android Mobile or any other android device to the computer system. Now launch the software and select the apropriate option "RECOVER DELETED FILES" or "RECOVER LOST FILES" from the main window to retrieve images on Android as shown in fig 1.

Photo Recovery Android - Main screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2. Select the Android device from where you have lost your pictures and want to recover them. After selecting press next button which will initiate the scan process.

Recover Photos from Android - select android device

Fig 2: Select Android Device

3. Once the drive scan is completed, "File Type View / Data View" are the two view options that are provided to select the files that have to be recovered.

Restore Photos from Android - View in Data View

Fig 3: View in Data View