Compressing Photos on Android

Do you want to know on how to compress photo files on your Android Smartphone? Searching for an android app to compress photo files on android device? Then here you'll get to know all the solution by reading out this article.

Android devices help users to capture and store many of their photo files on its internal (or) external storage memory. The photos captured using android cell phone holds many unforgettable moments. However as you capture more and more photos the storage space on your cell phone decreases and it shows signs of slow response time, slow processing speed etc. Hence in this kind of situation, the only option available for you is to delete the picture (or) compress the photo. However deleting files is not a good option because it will remove your precious photo. So you can go for the second method i.e. you can go for a reliable third party application called "Remo MORE" to compress photos on your Android Smartphone.

Brief info of the software:

Remo MORE is an all in one compression utility, which is specially designed to compress photo and other files on your android cell phone. This app is compatible to run on Android device with OS version like 2.0, 2.2, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1 etc. More to this the application can run on many popular Android manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Dell, Motorola, Micromax, HTC and many others.

Why Remo MORE?

Although you may ask why I need to use Remo MORE where there are plenty of apps on the internet that can do the same thing. The answer is simple, Remo MORE has many advanced features which will make it your first choice, for example Remo MORE is a read only utility which makes sure that the photos present in your Android device is neither damaged (or) overwritten while compression purpose. Additionally to this the software is available for FREE!!!!!

Characteristics of the software:

  • Helps in saving Android internal(or)external storage space and in turn makes your Android cell phone faster
  • Compresses files such as photos, music, movie, video clips etc
  • Designed with a very friendly graphical user interface such that even a novice user can operate and use the application
  • Offers its users 24/7 technical assistance on all days of the year
  • You can also assign password protection to your compressed photos


  • Always backup your important Android photo files on reliable storage device like hard disk, USB drives, DVDS, external hard drives etc
  • Make your Android device virus free with the help of protection apps such as NetQin, Kaspersky, Quick heal etc
  • Always use a reliable decompression utility to extract photos from your compressed file

Steps to compress photos in Android:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE app on your Android device. Launch the app and select “Manage” option from the main screen.

How to Compress Photos in Android - Main Screen

Step2: From the second screen select “Compress File” option.

Compress Pictures in Android - Select Compress File Option

Step3: Select the folder from where you want to compress the files and click on “Compress” button.

Compressing Images in Android - Select Compress Option

Step4: Specify the file name and click on “Ok” button to compress the selected files.

Compressing Photos in Android - Provide Name to Compress File