App to Lock Pictures in Samsung Galaxy

If you are extremely worried about your Samsung Galaxy pictures privacy then take it easy. It is possible to encrypt pictures on your Galaxy phone with the help of unique and multitalented software Remo MORE. You may have lots and lots of pictures on your Samsung Galaxy phone that you don’t want anyone including your close colleagues to view. In this case you just have to try this utility to maintain the privacy of your Samsung Galaxy Pictures. Most of us try certain easy to perform techniques in order to lock photos on Samsung Galaxy. But there are many disadvantages of using these techniques. One of the various disadvantages of using these techniques is that these will not ensure complete data protection which is highly undesired. Also these may consume a very long time to complete the process. Yet after taking a good lot of time, these techniques may not produce you the results expected. Thus it is a very bad idea to make use of these techniques as these simply waste the useful time and give out no results in return. That is why most industry experts recommend this program as this will perform the task completely within a stipulated time.

If you don’t encrypt your photos at the right time and because of this mistake if some makes the wrong use of the pictures on your Samsung Galaxy then you will get into a big trouble. Not encrypting the pictures on your Samsung Galaxy may lead to their malicious use which is quite undesired. Therefore it is extremely important to lock photos on Samsung Galaxy before something goes wrong. Though there are various tools which can help you lock photos on Samsung Galaxy Remo MORE is mostly recommended as this is highly dependable and comes absolutely free of cost. Yes, you need not have to pay anything to use this tool. Moreover it will not take hours together to lock pictures on Samsung Galaxy. It just takes few minutes to complete the task.

Most importantly you can use this tool to lock pictures on any Samsung Galaxy phone such as Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4. Not only these but this utility also supports many other Samsung Galaxy phones. Apart from these Remo MORE can also be run on Windows and Mac machines. If you are a Samsung Galaxy Tab user then also you can make use of this application to lock pictures on it. It is capable of encrypting any picture file type on your Samsung Galaxy. The process to lock pictures on Samsung Galaxy using Remo MORE tool is so simple that even a novice user can follow it without any problem.

Simple steps to lock photos on Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Once you download and run this app on your Samsung Galaxy the main window will come up from which you need to choose the option of "Manage". Then from the next screen you must select "Locker" option as shown in the below fig.

How to Lock Photos on Samsung Galaxy - Choose Locker

Fig 1: Choose Locker

Step 2. From the next screen, you have to select "Images" option. Then immediately one more screen will appear from which this time you need to choose the files you want to lock. Then click on the "Lock" option to proceed further.

How to Lock Pictures on Samsung Galaxy - Select Files and Click on Lock

Fig 2: Select Files and Click on Lock

Step 3. Once you do this a screen will pop up asking you to enter password. After you enter the password and hit OK a screen will come up displaying that the files are locked. Now to unlock the files first you need to go to the locked files location and then click on the unlock option.

Lock Images on Samsung Galaxy - Enter Password

Fig 3: Enter Password