How to Restore Lost Pictures from Android???

Android operating system is widely used in most of the mobile phones available in the market. Since the storage capacity of mobile phones have increased over time, with its advanced features and mind blowing technology used to build them the usage has also leaped to a greater extent. Nowadays mobile phones are not only used for making calls but it has become a device that performs all the personal and professional work on our figure tips.

In this article we will see how to recover the lost pictures from an Android device

Android devices are hugely available in the market and are being used by large community of people because of its user friendly system and lots and lots of applications. When there are lots of options in a device a user can unintentionally press any option that could give a harsh effect on the data that is stored on the device. If you happen to lose any of the data from your android device like photos etc and having a big question about how to recover lost pictures from Android, then the solution is Android photo recovery.

When your pictures are concerned one very important thing you have to remember, that is, the photo that got lost or deleted from your Android device will not be removed completely from the memory as soon it is lost or deleted, instead the index of the picture will be removed leaving the data intact in the memory. If you try to store any new data to the system and if the new data is written on the memory where your old deleted file is residing then you would lose your picture forever. So, you should stop using the memory until and unless you won't get back lost images from Android. If you have not tried storing new data on the memory card after losing some pictures then recover deleted photos from android can definitely help in recovering all of your lost photos. To know more about HTC Android photo recovery visit:

Let us discuss some of the scenarios that can lead to the loss of pictures from the android devices like mobile phones or digital cameras

  1. Unintentional deletion: While being in hurry sometimes we tend to do something which are not meant to be done like, while searching for a picture we may accidentally delete a picture and later regret about the fact that the picture that got deleted was important. However the aid of photo recovery Android app you can recover lost pictures from Android with a great ease.
  2.  Virus attack: Viruses are small programs that are designed to manipulate the normal working of a device by corrupting the files and folders that are stored in a device. When the files are corrupted the device would not be able to access the files, in turn the user will format the storage memory leading to data loss.
  3. Use of third party software’s: there are innumerable application that available in the market which are free of cost, by installing the software without going through the app manual if a user installs the software it can use any of the data that is available on the device and sometimes it can also corrupt some of your photos or even can delete them from your memory leading to the data loss. But, if you want to retrieve lost photos from Android device, then you have utilize Android photo recovery tool.

In the above mentioned scenarios you can lose or delete your valuable pictures from your Android device if you don’t take some precautionary measures. If you have this sort of the problem with your Android device and looking for a solution then don’t worry because you are in right pace with an perfect solution, and the solution is best photo recovery from SD card. Visit for furthur details.

Why this software is best in the industry…?

Photo recovery android ie best in class to regain photos from Samsung galaxy and other phones. It is fast, effective, safe, easy and secure software to restore lost pictures from Android device. It has been developed by the team of recovery experts who have proved their excellence by creating a software that is considered as the phenomenon achievement in the industry of data recovery software. This software is recognized and facilitated with number of awards for its performance and customer satisfaction. This software is Virus / malware free, hence the safest tool recover lost images from Android device. It is been equipped with a search engine that uses a most advanced search algorithm and recognizes more than 300 file types and retrieve them without changing even a single bit from the original picture. The software will not only recover lost pictures from Android device, but also allows you to recover lost picture from iPhoto Library on all versions of Mac OS X without any difficulty. It has a very simple user interface, which allows even an inexperienced user to retrieve lost photos from Android device. Demo version of this tool can be used for evaluation, if you feel it can restore lost pictures from Android device as per your requirement then purchase the licensed version.

Steps to recover lost pictures from Android:

1. To restore lost pictures from Android device first you have to download the evaluation version of the software and install the same. Now connect the Android device to your computer using the USB cable. select of the option "RECOVER LOST FILES" to retrieve lost photos from Android.

Recover Lost Pictures from Android - Main screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2. Now to recover lost pictures from Android, selct the storage of your device from which you want to recover and click Next which will start the scanning process.

Restore Lost Pictures from Android - Select Android device

Fig 2: Select Android Device.

3. Two types of views are available to check the files before recovering them. The two types of views are "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

Lost Picture Recovery from Android - View in Data view

Fig 3: View in Data view