Recovery of Lost Photos from SD Card

SD cards are type of memory cards that are used in most of the android mobile phones and digital cameras. The capacity of these cards range from few MB’s like 245 MB to 64 GB, we normally use these devises to stores documents, media files like photos, movies etc. These SD cards are becoming popular nowadays because of their speed, less in size and high in capacity. If you have lost any of the data from these SD cards like photos etc then you should keep all your worries aside because the software that you are looking for retrieving all of the lost or deleted pictures without detriment the original files, you are in right place at right time. The software that I am going to suggest is the most recommended and widely used software around the globe and the software is recover pictures from Android. This software is supported by different versions of Windows Operating system like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and other higher version of Windows.

There are different ways in which you can lose your data from your SD card which are technically called as data loss scenarios. Let’s see some of the important cases before jumping to the features of the software and the complete process of recovery

  1. Photos deleted while moving: The memory of the android devices will be comparatively less with respect to the computer systems. To free up the memory from the device we normally move our pictures from the SD card to the system. While transferring photos from SD card if there is power failure then files may get damaged or even they can get deleted. You can make use of photo recovery Android tool to recover deleted pictures from various types of Android phones including Motorola Atrix and many more. To know how to recover picture from Motorola Atrix visit here:
  2. Formatted SD card: If the SD card that we are using in our Smartphone gets infected with the viruses then the data stored in that SD card gets inaccessible, in result we tend to use some antivirus software’s if those software’s are not able to correct the damaged files then at last we format our SD card leading to the data loss.
  3. Corrupted SD card: While removing the SD card out of our android device if we don’t follow the procedures like un-mounting the card and remove abruptly then the file system could get corrupted leading to the inaccessibility of the data stored on the SD card. If you want to recover files from memory card after corruption you need to make use of our recovery software. Visit the given link for complete assistance:

These are few more vital scenarios on account of which data can get lost from the SD card of your Android Smartphone or digital camera. In case you have caught in any of the above mentioned scenario then don’t get worried about lost pictures and be sure that all of the data that you have lost will be recovered without damaging any of the contents of the original files by using the most recommended software that is retrieve back deleted photos from Android. When you happen to delete a photo from SD card then please stop using the card for storing new photos until and unless you have recovered all the deleted or lost pictures from it. The reason is when a photo is deleted from the memory card, only the index of the photo is removed but the data remains intact in the memory. When you try to store new data into the same SD card then the data of the old picture gets overwritten, if this happens then using of any of the recovery software will not help in retrieving the data.

Note: This Utility is capable to recover deleted photos from Android Gallery in an effective manner in just a few clicks of mouse. To know about Android gallery picture recovery visit this link:

Why this software?

Retrieve pictures from Samsung galaxy using photo recovery android software which is integrated with the most exceptional algorithm ever used in any of the recovery software in the industry which helps the user to perform a deep scan on the internal and external memory of the Android device. This software is designed by a team of recovery experts in the industry. This software retrieves pictures from different file systems like FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. With the help of this tool you can easily recover pictures from formatted hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS X based computers. The recover lost pictures from android software can recognize more than 300 different types of files from the SD card. When the scan process is completed we have two different types of views For viewing of the files and they are “File Type View” and “Data Type view” option provided by the software. For more information about this tool visit

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How to use Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy is as shown below:

1. You have to first download Photo Recovery Android Software. Once downloading is over, install app properly. Launch the app and connect the Android mobile through USB software, now choose any of the two options "RECOVER DELETED FILES" or "RECOVER LOST FILES" from the main screen. Refer the below shown image.

Restore Lost Photos from SD Card - Main screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2. On subsequent screen the Android device will be showed. You have choose the device for recovering lost or deleted photos. Once the device is selected, Click on Next option to initiate the scanning process.

Recover Lost Photos from SD Card - select android device

Fig 2: select Android Device.

3. Now view the recovered pictures by choosing the appropriate option. You can choose either option i.e. "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

Retrieve Lost Photos from SD Card - View in Data view

Fig 3: View in Data view