Restore Photos from Android Tablet

It feels awesome when we capture and preserve some very nice photos on our Android Tablets. Android Tablets are widely used because of their mind blowing features. These are off course very entertaining devices which can be carried anywhere and this portability nature of these devices attracts lot of people across the globe. But when important pictures are missed from these devices due to deletion or corruption of the memory card on the Tablet it feels terrible. This shocking experience makes the Android Tablet user to think that now never ever in the future he can view those priceless pictures. But this way of thinking is actually wrong. After deletion or formatting of the Tablet memory card the pictures are not spilled out of the device forever. The only way by which these image file types are thrown out permanently from the Android device is by overwriting these with the new file types. Otherwise these file types are still safe and can be got back easily within few minutes.

For recovering lost pictures from Android Tablets and many other Android devices one can make use of highly advanced recovery application such as photo recovery Android. Don’t lose hope after finding that your most crucial pictures are missing from your Android Tablet. Recover them with few clicks by using this highly recommended utility. You can use this tool to recover deleted picture from Android Gallery in just few clicks of mouse. To know about Android Gallery deleted picture recovery visit:

Though Android Tablets offer various astonishing features sometimes due to certain unexpected or undesired circumstances pictures are lost from these devices. Like any other Android device this device also contains tiny memory cards which are prone to corruption. These memory cards get damaged whenever some viruses or malwares which are dreadful invade them and do major changes in their file system structure. Not only due to viruses or malwares but these flash cards also get corrupt when you use them on different storage mediums for one or the other purpose. After corruption the major files which include picture files as well get inaccessible. To get rid of this picture files inaccessibility problem some Tablet users format their memory cards without thinking that they will lose all their media files after formatting the card. In this way also they lose pictures from their Android devices. But photos lost after Android Tablet memory card corruption or memory card formatting can be safely restored with the help of this unique program which is renowned as photo recovery Android. This tool is meant not only to recover pictures that are lost due to card corruption or formatting but also to recover pictures that are lost due to accidental deletion. If you are interested to know how deleted photos are recovered from an Android device simply log on to

To recover photos from Android Tablet on Windows XP, Vista, Win 8 and Win 7 you can use this application. This product supports different Android versions such as Ice cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb. Picture files of type JPG, PNG, JPEG and PSD that are lost from an Android Tablet can be quickly recovered using this software. If you lost pictures from your Android Tablet due to SD card corruption then you must make use of this product to recover photos from Android Tablet SD cards. To know how this software recovers images from corrupt SD cards visit

Sometimes tablet users delete pictures from their Tablet internal memory accidentally by hitting "Delete" or "Delete All" option. Data lost in this situation can be restored quickly. Simply by employing this tool an Android Tablet user can retrieve deleted photos from Android Tablet internal memory.

How to Recover Photos from Android Tablet?

1. Choose "Recover Deleted Files" from the main screen.

Recover Photos from Android Tablet - Main screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2. Choose your Android Tablet from this screen.

Restore Photos from Android Tablet - Select Android Tablet

Fig 2: Select Android Tablet

3. As soon as the scanning process finishes off view the restored data in "File Type View / Data View".

Photo Recovery from Android Tablet - View in Data view

Fig 3: View in Data view